1022. Halloween 2022

Double Halloween feature to give some ambience to this spooky season: Pumpkin Sphere, a mass of pumpkins hovering around you; and Spooky Cloud, a particle-driven cloud of pumpkins and skulls chasing a whisp.

0322. Floating Shiny Knot

A remake of an old experiment to produce image-based global illumination for models using Google Street View panoramas. This is the test for fetching equirectangular panoramas from the google servers.

0122. Genuary 2022

Entries for Genuary 2022, 31 days of procedural generation with threejs and WebGL.

1121. Codevember 2021

Entries for Codevember 2021, 31 days of experiments with WebGL, three.js, simulations and post-processing.

1021. Web Unleashed 2021 Opening Titles

Created for the annual FITC Web Unleashed conference.

1021. Inktober 2021 Strange Attractor Sketches

All the non photorealistic renders of strange attractors for Inktober 2021.

0321. Generative art: Lines on flow fields

Particles drawing lines on fields of electrical charges.

1220. F*MMXX

A new year demo to send off this horrible year.

1220. Generative baubles

An experiment to generate baubles procedurally.

1120. SDF physics

An experiment with GPU particles bouncing off volumes defined with SDFs.

1020. Inktober 2020 Sketch experiments

All the sketches for Inktober 2020 simulating ink.

0620. Obsolidian

Demo for Solskogen 2020.

0520. FaceMeshFaceGeometry

Three.js helper for FaceMesh.

0320. Depth of field experiments - Curl noise

Experiments with Depth of Field with an accumulation buffer.

0220. Particle systems with sphere impostors

Experiments with a particle system that uses sphere impostors, with shading, light, dithered transparency.

1219. Loops 2018-2019

All the loops made with looper.

1019. Digital Inktober 2019

Loops for Inktober 2019.

0519. Capture the Flag viewer

Interactive CTF game explorer, with games of indoor and outdoor procedurally generated environaments where agents train and learn to interact and cooperate.

1218. Infinite Gift

The gift that keeps on giving.

1118. Codevember 2018

Loops for Codevember 2018.

1018. Digital Inktober 2018

Loops for Inktober 2018.

1117. Codevember 2017

Entries for Codevember 2017, 15 days of experiments with WebGL, three.js, simulations and post-processing.

0417. WebVR Experiments: Speak To Go

Explore the world with your voice. Experiment part of the WebVR Experiments launch.

1216. Dark Haze

Christmas Experiments collaboration with Marpi, Bent Stamnes and cbuyukberber: lots of ambiance with pixel texture, smooth music and furry polygons

1116. Codevember 2016

Entries for Codevember 2016, 30 days of experiments with WebGL, three.js, Web Audio and procedural generation.

0216. The Polygon Shredder

Exploration of curl noise and half cubes pseudo instancing, using WebGL, three.js and some GLSL trickery.

1215. THREE.MeshLine

Mesh replacement for THREE.Line

1215. X-Mas Virus

Entry for the 2015 Christmas Experiments site. A throwback demo of neon flickering lights, made with WebGL, three.js, GLSL and Web Audio.

1115. Día de Muertos 2015

Design and customise your own calaca for Día de Muertos

0515. Google I/O 2015 Toy

Experiment with physics and analytical local ambient occlusion. Made with WebGL, Web Audio API, three.js, oimo.js and Wagner

0415. Speech Jammer

A speech jammer to warp your reality, built with Web Audio API and WebRTC getUserMedia.

0115. cru·ci·form

A study in architecture visualisation with models by @sejnulla. Nice music, glossy reflections, slow travellings, custom shading and postprocessing, using three.js and Wagner

1214. B E Y O N D

Real-time WebGL demo with @cabbibo for Christmas Experiments 2014. Crystal growth simulation, sound processing, custom shading and postprocessing.

1014. It's a message in a Jack-o-lantern

Online interactive experience for Halloween, in which the user can carve a stencil into a procedurally generated pumpkin and share it

0614. Decals for three.js

Decals implementation for three.js, useful for temporary decorations like bullet impacts, blood splatters, burn or skidmarks; or for weathering effects on objects

1213. SnowBox

A 3D tool to create snow thingies, using metaballs and 3D models, in collaboration with @claudioguglieri and @Sejnulla. Lots of 2D, 3D and code goodness!

1213. Bumpy metaballs

Isosurface with Marching Cubes, bump mapping with normal mapping and triplanar mapping, shading with a MatCap shader.

1013. Spherical Environment Mapping (MatCap/LitSphere) and Normal Mapping

Spherical Mapping (MatCap/LitSphere) with Normal Mapping, using WebGL and GLSL. This is an editor to toy around with different materials, normals and render effects. With subdivision modifier, noise and rim lighting.

0713. NPR Sketch GLSL shader

Real-time post-processing shader to create the style of old architectural drawings.

0613. Cross-hatching GLSL shader

Blinn-Phong shading and rim lighting. Based on Microsoft Research "Real-Time Hatching" paper.

1212. Shake a flake | Reactive snow

A Holidays experimente with reactive snow using WebGL, Web Audio API, WebRTC and localStorage. Blow into the microphone to make the falling snow shake and twirl

1012. It's a Halloween Message!

An experiment on procedural generation of meshes and custom shading. In this case, a Halloween pumpkin for a special message

0912. Rocking Dendrites

An experiment on custom shading to create a DOF effect, mesh generation and sound visualisation. Play around with the generation settings and drop songs into the experience

0912. CCapture.js

CCapture.js is a JavaScript library to help capturing animations created with HTML5 canvas at a fixed framerate

0812. Mars Panoramas in WebGL redux

A panorama viewer using data from Ashima Group Panorama Viewer that doubles as a Fullscreen API and Pointer Lock API experiment

0712. Adorable Flying Sagan

A quick and funny experiment with linked CSS3 transforms and animations and HTML5 audio, using the amazing art by SirMitchell and music by Shugo Tokumaru

0412. Latitude Reflection Mapping

First step in a series of experiments toward image-based global illumination for models using Google Street View panoramas. This is the test for an environment mapping shader that uses equirectangular panoramas

0312. CSS3D Clouds

An experiment on creating 3D-like clouds with CSS3 3D Transforms and a bit of Javascript

0911. Conway's Game of Life in 3D

An eye-candy version on Conway's Game of Life in 3D. An experiments using WebGL with three.js to get familiar with the library

0911. Animated GIF in 3D

Animated GIF in 3D uses WebGL with three.js and Drag and Drop API to get a new perspective into animated gifs

0611. WebGL Light Box

A pure WebGL light box to show images in a web page. A rework of the previous lightbox that was built using three.js to use only the exact amount of code necessary

0810. The Wilderness Downtown

Interactive music video by Google and B-Reel to show the power of HTML5 and Chrome, with music by Arcade Fire and directed by Chris Milk. It features a lot of HTML5 canvas action