Shake a flake | reactive snow

An experiment for Holidays using WebGL for rendering, Web Audio API for sound processing and WebRTC to access the microphone. This experience is better with headphones.

Oh, crap! This site needs WebGL to run and your browser and/or computer don't seem to be up to the task.

This site uses accelerated canvas to draw lots and lots of snowflakes, and add some more fancy effects. Please upgrade to a browser that supports WebGL, or updated your browser.

Please visit for more information.

Mh. Damn!. Although your browser supports WebGL, this site needs float textures to run.

Float textures is a nice feature of GPUs that, amongst many other uses, allows to simulate complex behaviour for particle systems. Please try updating your browser and/or the drivers of your graphics card.

This site uses Audio API, to do some cool things, and your browser doesn't seem to support it.

Don't worry, no biggie. You can still shake the mouse to get an idea of the intended effect.

Please allow the page access to the microphone. It'll be worth it!

This site uses Web Audio Input to access the microphone, and your browser doesn't seem to support it. If you are seeing this message, please check:

  1. In Chrome, please make sure that your browser is updated and that Web Audio Input is enabled by going to chrome://flags/ and checking the option named "Web Audio Input". Restart the browser and please try again.
  2. If you already have that option enabled and are on Windows, please keep in mind that this technology is still in early stages and experimental.
  3. If you've been given the option to Allow access to the microphone and have refused... what's wrong with you!?

Anyway, don't you worry. You can still shake the mouse to get an idea of the intended effect.

Ok. Got it. Let's roll!
Shake a flake | reactive snow · Code by Jaume Sanchez Elias
Made with WebGL, Web Audio API, WebRTC and localStorage
using three.js, Ashima Noise and sounds from Freesound
Based on Magic Dust by Mr.doob and zz85

Try blowing into the microphone, or shouting, or clapping...

Or click and drag the mouse around.

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