Spherical Environment Mapping (MatCap/LitSphere) and Normal Mapping

Click and drag to rotate, mouse wheel to zoom.
Use the options on the panel on the right!

Code by Jaume Sánchez @thespite
Coded using three.js (with Subdivision modifier and ImprovedNoise), Lee Perry-Smith's head, Suzanne.
Textures and normal maps are owned by their respective owners (LitSphere from polycount.com, Luxology, etc.)


What to do

You can press the gear button to pin the panel open. Play around selecting texture maps, normal maps to add bumpiness, and different models. There's lot of additional options to tweak, and you can even take snapshots to share. Enjoy, and don't forget to try it on your Android phone!

Material map

    Normal map

      Normal scale



      Rim lighting



      Render options

      Screen Blending Antialiasing