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About this

Google maps added the feature to see the weather anywhere in the world. I thought it would be nice to see a real-time representation of the "blue marble" using this new data. I downloaded Google Data Arts Team WebGL Globe code and added a few functions.

It's using the new three.js PatchSphereGeometry and a bit of tweaking of its UV coords.

Weather forecast is very basic: it doesn't have all the possible weather conditions, and it doesn't take into account if it's day or night time. It's using a node.js script on the server to cache weather conditions.

Update: blacklisted again from the google weather API. I've switched to wunderground API, but, for the moment, weather forecasts are "sunny" all over the world.

Thanks to Mr.doob, Jull, Markus Fisch and Benoit Jacob.

World Weather | thespite

You'll need Chrome, Firefox 9+, or another browser that supports CORS WebGL textures.

How to use

Click on the planet and drag around. Use mousewheel and arrows to zoom.

Type a city name and see the current weather:

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