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Here's my most recent work

April 2017 · work

WebVR Experiments: Speak To Go

Explore the world with your voice. Experiment part of the WebVR Experiments launch.

Other recent stuff

March 2017 · Render Conf, Oxford, UK

The Future of the Web in a VR World

December 2016 · work

Dark Haze

Christmas Experiments collaboration with Marpi, Bent Stamnes and cbuyukberber: lots of ambiance with pixel texture, smooth music and furry polygons

November 2016 · The Graphical Web, Exeter

WebGL, WebVR and Information Visualisations

February 2016 · work

The Polygon Shredder

Exploration of curl noise and half cubes pseudo instancing, using WebGL, three.js and some GLSL trickery.

December 2015 · work

Xmas Virus

Entry for the 2015 Christmas Experiments site. A throwback demo of neon flickering lights, made with WebGL, three.js, GLSL and Web Audio

November 2015 · work

Día de Muertos 2015

Design and customise your own calaca for Día de Muertos

November 2015 · Tutorial

Optimising SVG load with Service Worker

How to use Service Worker to optimise the loading of SVG assets in a page without altering coding methods

October 2015 · Tutorial

Can the new Google logo be 305 bytes?

Techniques and tricks learned while trying to recreate the new Google logo with SVG in 305 bytes (or less!)

September 2015 · FullStackFest (FutureJS), Barcelona

The Road to WebVR

May 2015 · ScotlandJS, Edinburgh

What are shaders and what can they do for me?

May 2015 · work

Google I/O 2015 Toy

Experiment with physics and analytical local ambient occlusion. Made with WebGL, Web Audio API, three.js, oimo.js and Wagner

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