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Talks and workshops

March 2017 · Render Conf, Oxford, UK

The Future of the Web in a VR World

November 2016 · The Graphical Web, Exeter

WebGL, WebVR and Information Visualisations

September 2015 · FullStackFest (FutureJS), Barcelona

The Road to WebVR

May 2015 · JSConf Budapest, Budapest

Getting things done with three.js and WebGL

May 2015 · ScotlandJS, Edinburgh

What are shaders and what can they do for me?

April 2015 · Resonate, Belgrade

Experiments with today's web technologies

February 2015 · Awwwards Conference, Barcelona

The Web in the age of WebGL

August 2014 · The Graphical Web, Winchester

Getting started with WebGL and three.js

May 2014 · ScotlandJS, Edinburgh

Getting started with three.js and WebGL

May 2014 · Resonate, Belgrade

Using the web as a creative platform

May 2014 · FutureJS, Barcelona

Everybody dance now with Web Audio API

November 2013 · MIRA Lab, Barcelona

Generative and reactive geometry with JavaScript and WebGL