0122. WebGL+WebGPU Meetup

WebGL+WebGPU Meetup, Online

1220. The future of the web in an XR world

GitHub Universe, Online

0317. The Future of the Web in a VR World

Render Conf, Oxford, UK

1116. WebGL, WebVR and Information Visualisations

The Graphical Web, Exeter

0915. The Road to WebVR

FullStackFest (FutureJS), Barcelona

0515. Getting things done with three.js and WebGL

JSConf Budapest, Budapest

0515. What are shaders and what can they do for me?

ScotlandJS, Edinburgh

0415. Experiments with today's web technologies

Resonate, Belgrade

0215. The Web in the age of WebGL

Awwwards Conference, Barcelona

0814. Getting started with WebGL and three.js

The Graphical Web, Winchester

0514. Getting started with three.js and WebGL

ScotlandJS, Edinburgh

0514. Using the web as a creative platform

Resonate, Belgrade

0514. Everybody dance now with Web Audio API

FutureJS, Barcelona

1113. Generative and reactive geometry with JavaScript and WebGL

MIRA Lab, Barcelona