Optimising SVG load with Service Worker

November 2015 How to use Service Worker to optimise the loading of SVG assets in a page without altering coding methods.

Calculating FPS past requestAnimationFrame limit with requestIdleCallback

September 2015 Calculating FPS past requestAnimationFrame limit with requestIdleCallback

Can the new Google logo be 305 bytes?

August 2015 Techniques and tricks learned while trying to recreate the new Google logo with SVG in 305 bytes (or less!)

Live WebGL Shader Editor

April 2015 This article goes a bit over the method to augment JavaScript APIs and how to use it to create a plug-n-play, live GLSL shader editor

cru·ci·form study in architecture visualisation

February 2015 Some details on how the project came to be, a bit of technical info and lessons learned on the process.

Creating Android Lens Blur Depth Viewer

May 2014 Reading, decoding and rendering depth data from the new Android Lens Blur camera application. Turn depth data back into 3D models

Using hooks to make development of shaders a bit easier

March 2014 This article aims to show how to use function augmentation via hooks to add behaviour that makes developing GLSL shaders a bit easier

Loading sound files faster using Array Buffers and Web Audio API

September 2013 How to reduce the number of requests when your page has a lot of sound assets.

Creating a Spherical Environment Mapping shader

September 2013 Creating nice lighting with a simple spherical mapping shader. A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a matcap or litsphere material with GLSL and three.js.

Web Audio Input and Windows

January 2013 Gettings Chrome's new Web Audio Input feature to work on Windows.

Vertex displacement with a noise function using GLSL and three.js

December 2012 Vertex displacement with a noise function using GLSL and three.js

Split-flap display with CSS and JavaScript

November 2012 An homage to low technology presence in the web of the 21st century: a split-flap display, created with HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript

The new site is live

November 2012 After several versions that never saw the light of the tubes, the newest and shiniest version of clicktorelease.com is live!

Experiments with Perlin noise

June 2012 Experimenting with Perlin noise in the vertex and fragment shaders, using WebGL with three.js.

How to make clouds with CSS 3D

April 2012 A tutorial on how to use CSS 3D Transforms to create sprite-based 3D-like clouds.