Work | Posted on December 2019

Loops 2018-2019

These are the loops created with Looper.

This all started from building a tool to quickly create loops, inspired by the work of Dave "beesandbombs" Whyte. The tool would be a threejs/WebGL playground build entirely around ES6 modules. The loops had very hard constrains, they should (ideally):

The resulting tool, Looper, became really useful to quickly turn ideas into animations. I kept adding modules to build types of noise, geometries, textures, easings, instancing... and it was a great tool to learn a lot of tricks. Some stuff is explained in the epic thread of the making of Codevember 2018.

The animations were captured in-browser with Ccapture.js, and reduce to the 15MB limit with Gifsicle.

Looper eventually run into a problem when i wanted to be able to render much higher resolution and realised i had to retrofit around 200 loops. So that was the end of it -- at least for now. But the code is all still there and I frequently go back to fish juicy parts.

Included in this series are Digital Inktober 2018, Codevember 2018 and Digital Inktober 2019.

There's a tweet for every loop, some loops have replies with higher quality, larger screenshots, or some details on how they're made.