Work | Posted on October 2021

Inktober 2021 Strange Attractor Sketches

Non photorealistic rendering of strange attractors and other curves made with three.js and WebGL, all generated and rendered entirely in Chrome.

These were made for Inktober 2021, with a combination from the work on strange attractors for the opening titles for Web Unleashed 2021, and the work on non-photorealistics rendering for Inktober 2020.

Each day I picked an attractor from the tool we developed, chose some params and generated a mesh, exported as a glTF. I also picked an NPR effect and rendered four different versions of the generated model. All images were minted on Hicetnunc, the links are included in each picture.

Aizawa - Cross-hatch VII

Burke-Shaw - Cross-Hatch II

Anishchenko-Astakhov - Cross-Hatch V

Coullet - Lines V

Rössler - Post Cross-Hatch I

Hadley - Post Cartoon I

Thomas - Cross-Hatch VII

Hopf Fibration - Post Blueprint

Wang Sun - Post Lines I

Sprott-Linz - Post Halftone I

Shimizu-Morioka - Post Scribble Hatch I

Yu-Wang - Lines VI

Halvorsen - Lines IV

Xing-Yun - Post technical

Dadras - Lines V

Curl - Post Cartoon III

Hopf Fibration - Post Cartoon II

Finance - Cross-Hatch VII

Genesio-Tesi - Post Cartoon VI

Rabinovich-Fabrikant - Cross-Hatch V

TSUCS 1 - Post Cartoon V

TSUCS 2 - Post Cartoon I

Sakarya - Lines V

Burke-Shaw - Post Hope

Wang-Sun - Post Cartoon IV

Rössler - Post Cartoon V

Anishchenko-Astakhov - Post Technical

Hadley - Post Cartoon III

Sprott-Linz - Post CMYK Halftone I

Hadley - Post Cartoon I

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